TaroCares was created to provide financial relief for patients and their families for several of our medications. Using the TaroCares card at pharmacies can reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for patients by lowering their insurance copay or by reducing the total prescription cost for patients without insurance.

The TaroCares card is accepted in most pharmacies across Canada, with the exception of the province of Quebec where this type of support is prohibited by law.

Using the TaroCares card at pharmacies allows Taro to reimburse the pharmacy a portion of the medication cost on behalf of the patient in the same way as many other insurance plans would.

Follow these simple steps to use the TaroCares Card:

  • Print the TaroCares card or save it to your smartphone
  • Present the TaroCares card to your pharmacy, along with your valid prescription for one of our TaroCares supported medications
  • Your pharmacy will process the card with your prescription and your copay assistance will be applied immediately

The TaroCares card number does not change and can be used by any eligible pharmacy for any patient with a valid prescription for one of our supported medications. The TaroCares card will work for new and refill prescriptions without any patient enrollment and regardless of the patient’s finances.


TaroCares card support is offered on the following medications:

Product Generic Alternative To DIN Carrier Group Certificate # Patient Code TAROCARES CARD
TARO-BOSENTAN Tablets Tracleer ®1 02483130 02483149 98 1 MCKTACA 001
TARO-CAPECITABINE Tablets Xeloda®1 02457490 02457504 98 1 MCKTACA 001
TARO-DASATINIB Tablets Sprycel®1 02499282 02499304 02499312 02499320 02499339 02499347 98 1 MCKTACA 001
TARO-DOXOrubicin Liposomal Injection Caelyx®1 02493020 98 1 MCKTACA 001
TARO-DEFERASIROX (Type J) Tablets Jadenu®1 02507315 02507323 02507331 98 1 MCKTACA 001
TARO-FAMPRIDINE Tablets FampyraTM1 02482398 98 1 MCKTACA 001
TARO-FINGOLIMOD Capsules Gilenya®1 02469618 98 1 MCKTACA 001
TARO-LENALIDOMIDE Capsules Revlimid®1 02507862 02507870 02507889 02507897 02507900 02507919 98 1 MCKTACA 001
TARO-SUNITINIB Capsules Sutent®1 02524066 02524082 98 1 MCKTACA 001
TARO-TEMOZOLOMIDE Capsules Temodal®1 02443473 02443481 02443511 02443538 02443554 98 1 MCKTACA 001
TARO-PERAMPANEL Tablets Fycompa®1 02522632 02522640 02522659 02522667 02522675 02522683 98 PER100 SHNPER 001
TARO-TOFACITINIB Tablets Xeljanz®1 02511304 02511312 98 PER100 SHNPER 001

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