Taro is a research-based international pharmaceutical company that was established on the principle that research and development would be the cornerstone of its growth strategy.

Providing quality products through scientific innovations, diligence and precision is the goal of all of Taro's research programs.

Taro develops, manufactures and markets affordable prescription and over-the counter medications.

Healthcare Professionals - Taro RX

Consumers or Patients - Taro OTC

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At Taro, we know that the cost of some medications can be burdensome, even with insurance. To help lower the cost, our TaroCares program provides financial assistance for several of our medications.

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The Taro Canada Customer Service department is passionately committed to providing an exceptional level of service through our attention to detail and a thorough understanding of our customers ever changing needs.

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Resources to support many Taro products are available for download.

These tools can be viewed online, printed, or paper copies can be requested by contacting the Taro Canada Customer Service department.

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All RAN-labeled products will be changing to the Taro label.

For the majority of products only the prefix will change, RAN will become TARO. Product markings, formulations, DINs and UPC numbers will remain the same.

Check here for the most up to date information on RAN-to-TARO label changes.

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Taro embraces diversity in the workplace and is committed to achieving employment equity. Our goal is to attract, develop and retain highly talented employees from diverse backgrounds, allowing us to benefit from a wide variety of experiences and perspectives.

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News Updates
  • June 2023

    Bee Rx™ Natural Skincare Launches in Canada

  • January 2023

    Now available, Taro-Sitagliptin Fumarate, a generic alternative to...

  • November 2022

    Now available, Taro-Tofacitinib, a generic alternative to Xeljanz®

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